A Shout Out To Join ‘Conversations’, Our Exclusive Featured Column

Those who don’t just look for their own identity but absorb what is around to bring about a change in today’s society must be talked about. Some with fascinating legacies, some wild & free, some just being in the moment, but all contributing in their own way and achievers in their own right.  

Through our new column, we aim to promote the innovators, entrepreneurs, achievers, game changers from across industries. We want to highlight those with unique endeavors creating an envious niche. To talk about them, can urge a whole lot of people out there to make a mark on the world and become remarkable.

Focused on creating narratives that inspires people, this exclusive featured column is based on interviews & interactions. Get in touch with us at with subject as “Conversations” & we will take it forward.

No sky can be limit when you are rooted to your passion. Let’s create a new society to celebrate the India of today and inspire people !!!


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