These 7 Statements By Mukesh Ambani On Indian Economy Will Amaze You

These 7 Statements By Mukesh Ambani On Indian Economy Will Amaze You

Mukesh Ambani heads a conglomerate that matches the best in the World . At the HT Leadership Summit, Mukesh Ambani recalled that way back in 2004 he had predicted about India, then a $500-billion economy, hitting $5 trillion in 20 years. Ambani was optimistic that India can become more prosperous than the US and China within this century. He spoke about India’s significant rise in the world economy and what the future could hold for us as a country.

Here are some statements that he made in the summit that will pleasantly surprise you-

1. “India’s GDP size is nearly $2.5 trillion and ranks sixth in the world.”

2. “Can we triple it to $7 trillion in the next 10 years and become the third-largest economy in the world? Yes, we can. Can we cross the $10-trillion mark by 2030, and close the gap between India and China, and India and USA? Yes, we can.”

3. “We are in the age of super-intelligence. What manufacturing was for China, super-intelligence will be for India.”

4. “India’s historical lack of infrastructure is actually a boon in disguise. Not having legacy technology base means we do not have to train, we can skip multiple generation of technologies and directly embrace the next generation.”

5. “I believe that the coming three decades will be the defining decades for India. By the middle of 21st century, India’s rise will be higher than China’s. And more attractive to the world.”

6. “To me what is most important is ‘Do we really move the country forward’ and ‘Does the consumer gain?’ and I think that the question as a journalist that you should be thinking about is that ‘even if there are profits and losses, who gains and who loses, and as long as the consumer gains, and the country moves forward, it’s worth taking those losses, right? Some of us are big boys, we can afford that.”

7. “Five years ago, when most Indian businesses were investing outside India, we decided to invest about USD 60 billion in India. We have nearly completed this investment cycle and we are now ready to commit even more in our next investment cycle. We are doing this out of our undiminished conviction that India is the next biggest investment opportunity in the world.”

Let’s make in India, bloom in India and grow India!

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