No Takers For Thousand Crores Worth Of CSR Funds In 2018 But Why?

No Takers For Thousand Crores Worth Of CSR Funds In 2018 But Why?

The new Companies Act of 2013 mandates publicly traded companies with Rs 100 crore in annual profit or Rs 500 crore in annual turnover to set aside 2 percent of their profits for affirmative/inclusive social action. Only half of the 1,708 companies listed on NSE have a CSR committee in place despite the CSR Act mandating the same. However, the overall spends by the 1,080 NSE-listed companies who fall under the 2 percent mandatory CSR spend category rose 11 percent in fiscal 2018 to Rs 10,030 crore from Rs 9,060 crore in the previous year.

In the past four years since the introduction of the mandatory CSR spends, the spending by the NSE-listed companies has grown at a compounded rate of 16 percent per annum. It said inequalities reduction, national heritage, the Armed forces, sports, technology incubators and slum development were the most neglected areas when it comes to corporates choosing for their CSR spends.

The spending list was topped by education sector at Rs 3,817 crore and followed by healthcare which saw inflows of Rs 2,509 crore, it said.The top companies in the list of spenders were led by Reliance Industries at Rs 745 crore, followed by ONGC (Rs 503.44 crore), TCS (Rs 400 crore and HDFC Bank (Rs 374.54 crore), it said.

The total number of companies which missed the mandatory 2 percent CSR spend target came down to 345 in FY18 from 361 in the previous year, it said. Maharashtra topped the list of states receiving the largest amount of money for CSR, followed by Gujarat and Rajasthan, while eight states saw a decline in spends. Well, it is a sign that things are changing in the CSR scene in India and yet thousands of crores of CSR funds remain unspent in 2018!

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