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10 April Fools Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

April Fools’ Day is an Annual Celebration of Mischief & Misbehavior. Who doesn’t love a good prank? Sometimes, pranks aren’t...

secretlifeofpet cover

This Ridiculously Cute Video Reveals What Pets Really Do When You Are Away

You feel sad when you have to leave your pets at home behind, when you go out for work or a date etc. Here is the ‘Secret Life Of...


Salman Khan Joins Virat Kohli & Team India For World Cup Semi-Final Against Australia

India had won all the league matches and the quarterfinal match this world cup season. Let’s see how India will defeat Australia on...


You Have Seen Many Swachh Bharat Campaigns But This Cute Musical Video Is The Ultimate

The Clean India initiative of our PM Narendra Modi, ‘Swachh Bharat’ has drawn a lot of attention along with photo ops by celebrities....


You Will Want To Watch This Oscar Winning Dog Having A ‘Feast’ Again & Again

This cute little canine’s food loving animated tale intersects with it’s owner’s love life. The short follows the taste...


This Will Happen When South Africa Faces Virat India. The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Spoof Is Ultimate!

A recent Cricket World Cup commercial ‘Mauka Mauka’ on India vs South Africa gets a ‘Mukka Mukka ‘ reply from Virat...


This Spoof Video On Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ Is Absolutely Hilarious

PK broke box office records and gathered controversies for its religious content. Here is a funny spoof video of PK titled CK which goes a...


Always Be Nice Because Everyone Can Be Lonely

This Cartoon shows that everyone is ultimately lonely and coping with very similar insecurities and hangups. This cartoon gives you an idea...


King Khan’s Signature Move Is Back In Happy New Year

We are absolutely and hopelessly in love with Shahrukh Khan. New actors might come and go but there will always be one man who will make...


Cheating = F

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