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Kareena’s Reaction To India’s Mars Achievement

Hmm…Seems Kareena Kapoor is too busy working to be aware of the latest news. But we love how she sidestepped the question. Must...

Cheating = F

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My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

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7 Sweet Movies That You Might Not Have Heard Of

1. What If 2. Waiting For Forever 3. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower 4. That Awkward Moment 5. That Spectacular Now 6. The Art Of Getting...

Best Michael Jackson Tribute Performances

1. Shahid Kapoor Performs At The Filmfare Awards 2010 2. Usher At iHartRadio Music Awards 2014 3. Chris Brown 2010 4. Britains Got...

11 Cutest Dog Gifs Ever

Dogs have changed our hearts, our lives, our world. These are some of the cutest GIFs of adorable dogs, which will give you that warm and...