Why Yuvraj Singh Is Allowed To Be A Brand Ambassador For A Cricket Betting Site?

Why Is Yuvraj Singh Allowed To Be A Brand Ambassador For A Cricket Betting Site?

The 11th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is round the corner and bringing the game of Best Vs. Best. Amidst all the excitement, the throwback of the 2013 spot fixing and betting scandal because of the recent ball tampering scandal in Australia involving Steve Smith and David Warner is causing worries to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Sports betting is illegal in India but has only been driven into a shady underground scene as a result of the activity being banned by the government. This may change in future as a report by Justice R M Lodha Committee has ruled in favour of legalising sports especially cricket betting in India. Nevertheless, it is shocking to find out that Yuvraj Singh, who will playing for the Kings XI Punjab Team in the IPL, endorses a cricket betting site.

And here is a picture of Yuvraj Singh on the alleged site-

While two banned teams Chennai Super Kings & Rajasthan Royals are making a return this season in the IPL, there are no cautionary measures on the table to ensure the spirit of Cricket. Even the BCCI fears that scheduling the IPL 2018 opening ceremony just before the opener (Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings) could once again open the doors for the same incident, in a report by CricketNext.

“The most important section where the captains take pledge to abide by the spirit of the game is anyway being signed the previous day. So, it doesn’t make sense why the opening is being hosted prior to the match. With so many people on the field of play wearing accreditations, it will indeed be very easy for any tout to mix in the crowd and pose as an official, to clear the ground post the opening ceremony. The CoA must look into this and ensure top security to keep dubious people out of sight,” a close BCCI source revealed what Anirudh wrote to StarSportsLive.com …

Yet, even as cricket administration fails to come out of its age-old spheres of influence, dissenting voices are on the rise. The Punjab Cricket Players Association (PCPA) was set up last year to shed light on the irregularities in cricket administration. PCA had failed to implement the Lodha reforms.

Well, the question still remains! Why is Yuvraj Singh, who is one of Punjab’s key players this season, blatantly promoting a cricket betting website on his social media account? What is BCCI doing about this truth? What do you think should be the consequence of such an action by a star player of the Indian Cricket Team?

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