The Biggest Film Funding Platform Of India Is Finally Here

The Biggest Film Funding Platform Of India Is Finally Here

Film Funding Network (FFN), India’s biggest platform for film funding & finance which promises to change the ecosystem of filmmaking in India has now arrived!

FFN is powered by Six Sigma Films, the pioneers in Film Finance in India and organizer of the Film Finance Conferences and Awards (COFFI). FFN is headed by Anurag Khanna a seasoned banker & known authority in Film Finance.

We asked Mr. Anurag Khanna some questions about this great initiative and got an amazing insight into Film Funding Network-

How did you think of this initiative?

Till now the only way to get funding was either through bank lending, which has dried up or film funds which target limited number of projects from known filmmakers. Crowd funding is also an option but where the success rate is very low and is mostly meant for small ticket projects. Thus, getting funds for your film is extremely challenging.

Entry of new investors will be good for the health of the film industry that is starved of funds. Further direct access to investors will help new filmmakers & talent to make entry into industry trouble free.

Film Funding Network will thus prove to be a disruptive catalyst that will change the ecosystem of filmmaking in India.

How this initiative will excite investors ?

Large number of HNIs & senior professionals in various industries are interested in investing in the movies but they don’t want to go through middle men. Many of them want to start with relatively smaller amounts. FFN will help investors to directly connect with the filmmakers and invest in projects of their own choice from a wide range of upcoming projects. They will connect with filmmakers privately & their profiles will be kept confidential. So there is confidentiality and choice.

Will Film Funding Network bring transparency?

There is a lot of mistrust because of few middle men who con investors of money. Film Funding Network will improve the transparency by reducing dependence on middle men. Even new talent will get an opportunity to enter the film industry without any godfather or rich background.

What will be the specialty of this platform?

Right now it is India’s only platform that brings together film investors across India and opens channels between filmmakers & investors. But this is not all what Film Funding Network (FFN) is going to be in the coming times.We also have many other initiatives in pipeline which are even more exciting if you are a filmmaker or investor.

Will established filmmakers also benefit from the existence of such a platform?

As you will see, there are no barriers in this platform. Prominent filmmakers & production houses and even crowd funding websites are welcome to find new investors out here! FFN is going to be a groundbreaking landmark in film financing & funding in India, and it is for everyone to participate and take advantage of.

Are there any restrictions on this platform?

Absolutely not! This platform is open for all. It is not only for feature films, funding will also be available for short films, documentaries, TV shows, digital content & related activities across all languages. Filmmaker can seek funds for – Pre production, Production, Post Production, Marketing, Distribution and even seek in film branding and sponsorship

So what are you waiting for? Filmmakers, Investors, Brands/Corporates can open a Free account on to create a Project or discover viable projects. Just visit and know for yourself…

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