Casting Couch In Bollywood Is Much More Than What You Think It Is

Casting Couch In Bollywood Is Much More Than What You Think It Is

Tisca chopra asserts,“ Much to my relief there is an equal number of gay directors, so now it’s an even playing field. Guys get accosted as much as women do and it’s your choice to say yes or no.”

But ask any struggler in Bollywood and he or she will talk about touts claiming to be casting directors and coordinators moving around in offices of production houses.

(Source – Mumbai Mirror)

An old-timer says, “There was a time when this director was making number of films in a year and almost every aspiring actor, actress or writer came knocking at his door. Casting coordinators and assistant directors would take advantage of them. They would openly tell the newcomers we will get you a role in the film but you will have to compromise. Some did manage to get work but most failed, despite the barter.”

And in terms of the most loved to hate director, Ram Gopal Varma, “Casting exists, so does the couch!” A classic statement..

If you know of any casting couch related story, please do not hesitate to tell your tale here.

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