Here Are Some Awesome Backstage Moments From The Oscars 2017

Here Are Some Awesome Backstage Moments From The Oscars 2017

Not all of the action was on the stage at the Academy, backstage witnessed a lot of camaraderie. As Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles welcomed the Hollywood superstars, the stage was set for a rocking evening. So you know who won the big night, wore what on the red carpet and who stole the thunder, what you do not know are some backstage moments that are not talked about.

Backstage was organized chaos as a steady stream of glamorous celebrities breezed down hallways, weaving past production crew, and between a makeshift glam station and the green room. Here are some off stage moments at Oscars-

Brie Larson embraced Emma Stone, winner of the award for best actress in a leading role for “La La Land”. Vince Vaughn and Jeremy Renner took a break in the green room and when Renner FaceTimed his daughter, Vaughn joined in and said hi to the little girl. 50 Shades star Dakota Johnson stepped out of the unisex backstage bathroom, and declared, “Good god, that was so gnarly!”

Before the show started, Halle Berry was chatting in the front row with Busy Philips, who was Michelle Williams’ date for the evening. Scarlett Johansson & Andrew Garfield shared some friendly vibes. Emma Stone was an aisle over mingling with guests before sitting down front and center. She went on to say hi to Garfield in between the show.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were spotted in each other’s company cheering for Casey Affleck.

Ryan Gosling chilled with Justin Timberlake.

Emma Watson was exhilarated to get clicked with Leonardo Dicaprio after her Best Actress win.

It was the 90s hotness revisited when Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman hugged in the front row.


Priyanka Chopra was spotted with co-star Dwayne Johnson

Our own Dev Patel & little Lion king Sunny Pawar were uber cute. Dev’s mother, Anita looked elegant in the sari.


Well, “There’s a mistake. ‘Moonlight,’ you guys won best picture” — was one of the most surprising reversals in Oscar history, with apparent human error combining with live television to powerful, jaw-dropping effect. Stole the thunder absolutely from every other thing!

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