We Bet You Did Not Know These Strange Things About Benedict Cumberbatch

We Bet You Did Not Know These ‘Strange’ Things About Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, popularly known as the BBC Sherlock Holmes gained more fandom by becoming Doctor Strange. He just turned 42 and yet there is not much that is known about him to his fans because of his being socially recluse. Well, apart from his changing eye color from green to blue adding to his charm, there is a lot more charm that this man exudes in real life.

Benedict Cumberbatch portraying the world-famous doctor turned mystical sorcerer and Sherlock Holmes just makes him more attractive to the audience. Sometimes he is brilliantly British with brains, sometimes he is sensibly protecting the world. Mysterious enough?

Here are some ‘strange’ things about Benedict Cumberbatch that you probably didn’t know-

Benedict can also conduct wedding ceremonies. In 2013, he served as an officiant for the civil ceremony of his two gay friends in Ibiza.

Benedict’s run-in with a live-tweeting cyberstalker, who narrated his every move inside his London home, is known to all cyber geeks. The culprit turned out to be one of his neighbours, and though Cumberbatch has confronted the individual, he did not reveal his or her name or call the police. Nevertheless, he describes the incident as “really worrying, and yes, of course, really hard to deal with” and perhaps more optimistically, “the strangest fan experience that I’ve ever had.” The incident occurred back in 2013, at the dawn of his Sherlock fame.

Cumberbatch transformed from fictional hero to real-life saviour when he rescued a Deliveroo worker from an attack last year. Not far from Baker Street in London, the home of fictional character Sherlock Holmes, the actor dashed out his Uber car to fight four gang members beating the defenceless cyclist. Unsurprisingly, the attackers soon fled. The onlooking Uber driver described Benedict as “a superhero”.

Cumberbatch has also survived a kidnap attempt in South Africa when filming for the BBC. After being bundled into a car boot by six armed men, the actor feared for his life. However, he used the gift of the gab to persuade the gang to release him.

Cumberbatch has more to offer than machismo tales. He is a vocal feminist. During the 2014 Fawcett Society campaign, he was photographed wearing the Elle UK T-shirt branded ‘This is what a feminist looks like’. Benedict has also encouraged his female fans to revise their “derogatory” “Cumberbitches” nickname. And he refuses to work if his female co-stars are not paid equally. Someone dare to do that?!

OMG, we are all sherlocked in the curious case of Benediction!

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