Here Is The Timeline Of Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Romance In Pictures

Here Is The Timeline Of Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Romance In Pictures

Just another 35-year-old English actor trying to make it big in Hollywood, not just another! Tom Hiddleston got fame from being Loki in The Avengers. Taylor Swift is already rolling in all the money at at a tender age of 26 with a lucrative music career. With a fine 9 year age gap, this does seem fast paced but to have touched the right chord.

After they hit it off at the MET Gala in May this year, there was no stopping this romance which is all about private jets and exotic locales, atleast until now. Another power couple in the making, they cannot get their hands off each other. 

It wasn’t too long afterward that we saw the two stars making it very clear that they are an item by all the hugging and kissing on the rocky beaches of Rhode Island.

Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston

Tom was also spotted leaving Taylor’s $20 million Tribeca penthouse apartment in Manhattan and man, who doesn’t want to visit her apartment. 

Well, Hiddleston is said to have met Swift’s parents, Andrea and Scott. According to sources, Swift introduced her new beau to her parents at her apartment in Nashville, Tennessee.
tom taylor family
tom taylor mom

Taylor and Tom at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy just gave the rich couples new dating goals. And this happened right after Taylor impressed Hiddleston’s mother, Diana when they met in his hometown of London. The couple took Swift’s private jet to spend time with the actor’s family on a quiet beach.
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