Hrithik Roshan Opens Up Like Never Before To Arnab Goswami

Hrithik Roshan Opens Up Like Never Before To Arnab Goswami

Hrithik Roshan has finally spoken his mind after being accused by Kangana Ranaut and her folks for abandoning her after an intimate relationship. Being quoted terms from silly ex to psychological rape, Hrithik reveals why he waited for so long to come out only now after being scared for 4 years. He has the evidences and he raises the issue of being judged by the society because Kangana convinced one and all with her well played out public performances.

This interview comes after Hrithik made a detailed statement in public domain. “Here is the full statement Hrithik posted on his social media which garnered great support”  

Truth is definitely stranger than fiction, we are on the side of the truth where the facts are and there is nothing strange. The one on the other side has many questions to answer for the fact that they dwell in the guise of feminism meaning to tarnish another human’s life.

Here is the interview on Republic TV, watch and decide for yourself-

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