Justin Bieber Tickets Still Not Being Delivered By BookMyShow?

Justin Bieber Tickets Still Not Delivered By BookMyShow?

The Justin Bieber Concert Being Held In Mumbai On 10th May has been in the news since the day it was announced. Whether it be celebrities celebrating the announcement, rumors of crazy demands made by the performer or his itinerary.

With less than 48 hours to go for the concert, we have been informed by a number of people who have bought tickets from the ticketing website BookMyShow.com that their tickets have still not been delivered. It is crazy to think that an event being organised on such a huge scale has such operational issues.

One Customer says “ I bought 4 tickets worth Rs 45k to see the show, we chose home delivery for the convenience and were charged a handy amount for the service. Now after repeatedly calling BookMyShow I am still unaware of when the tickets will be delivered, they say the tickets have not even been dispatched yet. I do not want to stand in queue at the venue for hours to collect our tickets, it’s a total waste of time. The whole concept of BookMyShow is that you don’t need to stand in queue. When I asked if the tickets can be cancelled if they are not delivered, the answer was NO. I WOULD WANT A FULL REFUND.”

We are as surprised as you are with this latest news. It is a shame that after paying such a huge amount, customers are still being treated like this? We are trying to get a response from BookMyShow.com, watch this space for an update.

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