Kangana Ranaut Reveals Why Her Love Story With Hrithik Roshan Was A Tragedy

Kangana Ranaut Reveals Why Her Love Story With Hrithik Roshan Was A Tragedy

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut is at the centre of a major public feud with superstar Hrithik Roshan. For few months it appeared that they have moved on. “Here Are All The Ups & Downs In The Relationship Of Hrithik & Kangana Since 2009…Read Here”
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But Kangana got emotional at an event. Definitely, no one could imagine that at a Reebok event she would have a sort of meltdown. She opened up with her ‘Fit To Fight’ love story. Dressed to kill in a red number by Ulyana Sergeenko, she went with the no bling look and no filter mouth, we guess.
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When she was asked to talk about her fit to fight journey, she revealed things about her personal fight and without naming Hrithik Roshan, spoke about their affair. She said,
“Something in me, which has been the cause of all controversies, is urging me to say this. The voice inside me is saying don’t do this but it would be unfair to share such an important aspect of my life today. The world knows me as an achiever and the world gives more importance to my achievements but for me, the most important thing about my personality is that I see myself as a lover. If I am a fan of any aspect of myself then it is the ability to love and to be able to stay in love even though the other doesn’t really feel the same thing.”
Kangana continued, “There was this young girl in the mountains. Extremely brave, naive, impractical and stubborn. This girl, when she was walking she saw a picture of a man and she fell is love with him. And that picture led her to cross oceans, deserts, mountains and landscapes. She is standing under stars with the man and this man kisses her and he says I love you. The worlds meet and it becomes a trap between the real world and the world which was supposed to be future and to be reached, but one manages to reach there. What happens is that this man says that she is not a normal girl, she has a lot of fire in her belly. And she isn’t even a woman, she is a lion in a woman. So, the man gets scared of this woman and that’s when the whole love story becomes a tragedy.”

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