An Open Letter To Salman Khan: So Called 'Artists' Are Not Above India!

An Open Letter To Salman Khan: So Called ‘Artists’ Are Not Above India!

If one is silent on terror attacks, that silence feeds support to the demon called terrorism. Many celebrities have kept silent. What makes them so great that their opinion should matter? After this, we must realise that their art is no greater than us. What makes their art so great that it has to be above everything else, even nation? It is us who make them what they are! And this is what we get in return? Attitude and arrogance with their pseudo intellectualism and lectures on “Art has no boundaries”!

If you are not against terrorists, you are definitely with them. As simple as that. Countries at war can’t be dancing with the enemies while the pyres of their own soldiers burn in the background. You find that MNS chief is making more sense than these intellectual Liberals. At least he is not a pseudo-intellectual or liberal. 

Not welcoming people of Pak is not the point right now, but there is a right time & right place for everything and that time is not ‘right now’. Instead of playing host to Pak artistes, please go to families who’ve lost their sons, husbands and fathers. Let’s close our eyes towards reality. When Indians have become heads & CEOs of global companies, Pakistan has produced terrorists! When Pak is threatening us with nuclear attack, how can we agree with such cultural exchange? India has been an extremely liberal country. But situation demands that for now we have to do what our nation needs from us all!

Was Salman Khan being human to the families of the 18 martyrs when he backed the Pak artists? Was Salman Khan being human when he didn’t question the silence of Pak artists on anti-India terror? He was not! We are trying to isolate Pakistan economically & diplomatically, the cultural isolation must follow and no one will become a hero upon trying to show a human side to this ongoing war like situation. Bollywood is unable to understand that Pakistanis fundamentally hate us. Fawad Khan said on his soil that ‘Nation comes above everything’, we must really learn from him and think similarly for our own country. 

But unfortunately, in today’s time, art is business, it is not art after all and it is not a hidden fact. These so called artists cannot fool us anymore in the name of art and cinema. “Pakistani actors are not terrorists” comes from a man who “feels like a raped woman” on a film shoot that is supposed to be his art. The day terrorists knock up the doors of the Lutyens Delhi and pseudo liberals and so called artists living in the luxury of their lavish homes, they will know! Enough said by me, your turn

This Open Letter Is Authored By Lady Metis:  
She is not the Greek Goddess of wisdom, prudence and deep thought but she would love to be that in addition to being an Indian!

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