Tabu Reveals That The Reason Behind Her Single Status Is A Bollywood Star

Tabu Reveals That The Reason Behind Her Single Status Is A Bollywood Star

Tabu’s next is ‘Golmaal Again’ where she will be seen the regular cast of the Rohit Shetty film. A drift from her serious recent roles, she is enjoying her time with the young ones and an old friend. When asked about her rapport with Ajay Devgn, she disclosed, “Yes, Ajay and I have known each other for 25 years. He was my Cousin Sameer Arya’s neighbour and close buddy, a part of my growing up years and that has laid the foundation of our relationship.”

Then came on the interesting part where she talked about why she could not marry and remains single. She revealed, “When I was young, Sameer and Ajay would spy on me, follow me around and threaten to beat up any boys who are caught talking to me. They were the big bullies and if I am single today, it is because of Ajay. I hope he repents and regrets what he did. I told him the other day to please find me a boy to marry. But jokes aside, our relationship has grown because we have worked so much with each other.”

She further added that among the male actors, if there is anyone I can count on, it’s Ajay. He is a like a child and yet so protective. The atmosphere on set when he’s around is stress-free. We share a unique relationship and an unconditional affection. Who said a man and a woman cannot be lifelong friends, Tabu & Ajay set an example for all friends out there

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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