These Bold Statements Made By 6 Bollywood Actresses Will Surprise You

These Bold Statements Made By 6 Bollywood Actresses Will Surprise You

Bollywood actresses are no more just poster girls, they are the it-girls and speaking their minds. We need to take a step back and appreciate how women are rising up in the industry. Here are some bold statements made by your favorite actresses-

Kangana Ranaut’s statements are getting bolder day by day and here goes one more at the trailer launch of ‘Katti Batti’. “Every time a relationship doesn’t start on a note that there is clarity of things. May be time pass for my age or stage is a lighter term. But I would like to date and I am open to time pass romances.”

Kangana Ranaut at the Success Party of Queen in Mumbai on 26th M


Anushka Sharma is the disclosure girl of Bollywood but this disclosure is indeed an intelligent one.
“I would not endorse products that propagate racist and sexist (beliefs)….and propagate social taboo. I don’t want to endorse products that propagate fair skin and all. I will not propagate anything that says this is right or wrong.”

anushka bold statement

Kareena Kapoor has been proud of her choices and equally proud of being a woman in the film insdustry. When she quoted on the payment issues of actresses, she was blunt. “Actresses get paid what they deserve. I’m quite happy with what I get paid.”

kareena bold statement

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