This Short Film Dedicated To 26/11 Is A Heart Touching Love Story

This Short Film Dedicated To 26/11 Is A Heart Touching Love Story

26/11 is not just a date for Mumbai, it is a shattering and disillusioning truth for all of Indians who faced the consequences of that night of terror. Yes, Mumbai moved on because it had to follow the customary. But whenever that horrific day approaches, the pain aggravates rather than fading, adding to the volcano within.

‘End Of Love’ is a touching story of a couple madly in love. This poignant love story set in the backdrop of the terror attacks on 26th November, 2008 in Mumbai. The film tells the tale of the unfortunate loss of lives and its impact on those who could only mourn the loss of their loved ones. A dream like day on a ferry ends in a devastating way; it not just happened to them but so many people whose stories we are unaware of.

The film is a cinematic poetry on the universal emotion of love and life and was screened at various International film festivals. This film is directed by Mukesh Kabir Kapoor. Bollywood actors Shweta Bhardwaj & Faisal Rashid play the couple who blend into this silent movie with grace.

You must watch this heart wrenching film that will make you feel the agony of the impact of terror on the personal life of a couple from “Popular YouTube Channel” of Six Sigma Films

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