Varun Dhawan Talks About His Real Life Girlfriend & She Is Not Who You Think

Varun Dhawan Talks About His Real Life Girlfriend & She Is Not Who You Think

Though youngsters are pretty much in the turmoil of being in the news even if it’s not about their work, Varun Dhawan has a different take to it. Here is his perfect explanation for it. 

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He recently acknowledged, “I am not hiding it. I am just not talking about it. Even before I entered the industry I had decided that I will not talk about my personal life. To be very honest, the media and actors go hand-in-hand. They both need each other. While it is interesting to read gossip, a big section of the audience today is much smarter. They know what’s rubbish and what’s true. If every week, an actor is getting linked with a new actress, they will also know that this is being done to stay in the news. People are interested in what work you are doing. If you are doing a bad job, people want to know about your personal life because there is no work to be interested in.”

alia natasha

Natasha Dalal is a fashion designer and owns her own sweet store at a posh location in South Mumbai. The guy really seems to have got it right, in both his head and heart. 

varun natasha

Although he managed to keep Natasha hidden well, they are often spotted together.  They were recently spotted attending pre- wedding ceremonies of their childhood best friend in Goa and had a gala time. Check these new pictures & also a Video together on Next Page…. 

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