We All Want To Live These 15 Characters Played By Tom Cruise In Real Life

We All Want To Live These 15 Characters Played By Tom Cruise In Real Life

Arguably the biggest movie star of our times, Tom Cruise, manages to impress us with an enviable list of characters he has played. We do not want to miss any Tom Cruise flick since the 80s. Over the course of his long career he’s consistently champion multiple characters he has played and pulled off like no one could ever do. While people say Tom Cruise is struggling to make a place again in the new age industry, there are people who say his charm and smile can never fade, even at 56, Cruise is cruisin’ away at the box-office. If 56 looks like Tom Cruise, then I would say bring it on!

His filmography has definitely been the stuff of dreams. Here is a countdown to his iconic characters played by Tom Cruise that people aspire to become in real life-

LT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, Topgun
The guy flies high on a war aircraft and runs a motorbike on road chasing planes knows all the thrill of speed on ground and air. 


Jerry Maguire
Glossy 35-year-old sports agent who meets the cutest kid on earth and falls in love with his mother because of that. Not just any regular mom, Renee Zellweger we are talking about here.


Charles Babbitt, Rain Man
Abrasive, selfish wheeler dealer gets the real deal when he meets his autistic brother and life changes for him. He met his rain man, have you?


Stacie Jaxx, Rock Of Ages
A charismatic gifted rock star who has decided to leave his successful hair/metal-rock band to try it solo. The ultimate bad boy of rock-n-roll who is all kinds of wrong just enjoys all benefits of being numero uno, but obviously with his sexy rock tenor voice. 

rock of ages

Brian Flanagan, Cocktail
Simple guy who quits the US Army to study business and finds a bartending part time job. Falls in love with a girl next door, sometimes one likes sober!


Joel Goodson, Risky Business
Every teen wants to do risky business like Tom in their teens. Cause why not, good son?

risky business

Ethan Hunt, Mission Impossible Series
He is who should you choose to become! He handles dangerous and highly sensitive international missions that have been deemed “impossible”. There could not be any agent as daring and dashing as him.

ethan hunt

Cpt Nathan Algren, The Last Samurai
Formerly retired officer of the United States 7th Cavalry Regiment, whose personal and emotional conflicts bring him into contact with samurai warriors in the wake of the Meiji Restoration in 19th Century Japan. 


Mitch McDeere, The Firm
A promising recent Harvard Law graduate who joins a law firm and falls in the hands of FBI when a murder takes place. You can surely take lessons from this one on how he handles it at a tender age.


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