Harshvardhan Kapoor Trolls Filmfare & His Reasoning Is Ridiculous

Harshvardhan Kapoor Trolls Filmfare & His Reasoning Is Ridiculous

Harshvardhan Kapoor son of evergreen star Anil Kapoor has got a few debutante awards this year. He expressed his disappointment on not winning the Best Debutante at Filmfare Awards. Harsh has gone to the extent of trolling Diljit Dosanjh as well for winning Filmfare Debutante award after doing a bunch of Punjabi films.

He has perhaps missed the larger reaction against Bollywood awards where star kids like him & Suraj Pancholi were made an example for nepotism. Read “Bollywood Awards Have Lost Their Credibility & Here Is Why”

Here is an excerpt of the interview Harsh gave to Indian Express sharing his “opinion”:

“I won every award except Filmfare. You don’t know what kind of goes into it. Some awards have a jury and they decide. Some have a popular vote. So I don’t know how they decided this year. I think debutant awards should be for people who are relatively new to films. I have done less work. Otherwise, it is like saying I have done 100 English films and now I am doing a Hindi film so I am a debutant. So if Leonardo Di Caprio wins an Oscar and then comes to do a Bollywood movie, he is a debutant which is not something I agree with.”

This act of self-entitlement did not go down well with the editor of Filmfare and she retorted with a ‘harsh’ subtle statement on her Twitter.
filmfare editor reacts
But Harshvardhan continued with his arrogant tirade.

harsh reacts main

Well, only if someone could tell Harshvardhan that acting must also be a criterion when it is about recognition of ‘actors’.How many actually liked Mirzya? Shouldn’t we question why Diljit was being ignored till Filmfare in favour of a performances that very few people watched? Had Amaal Mallik & others have not come out with an explosive open letter shaming award shows, there would have been bleak chances of this happening. What do you think?

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