Here Are The Winners Of Golden Frames 2016 - International Short Film Festival

Here Are The Winners Of Golden Frames 2016 – International Short Film Festival

Six Sigma Films organized Golden Frames 2016, India’s Biggest International Short Film Festival and it made way for amazing short films from all across the world to showcase in India. It was a big success & they received over 1000 entries from 80+ countries. When it is 100+ short films from 60 countries from all around the globe, it has to be a major deal. They screened the shorts on 23rd-24th April at Mumbai. All genres of films ranging from action to romance, drama, comedy, science fiction & animation were screened. It could not get cooler than this! To check out film trailers – “Click Here”

Golden Frames 2016 exposed filmmakers & audiences to the widest choice of world cinema. The vibrant audience of the festival was mainly from the Film, Finance, Media & Fashion Industry. For more about Golden Frames- “Click Here” 

According to Anurag Khanna, CMD, Six Sigma Films, “ This festival was a master class for Young Filmmakers who want to know the tricks and trade of short filmmaking which is the first step for any filmmaker. Short films are very challenging because you have to tell the whole story and develop it in a short duration. We will be shortly announcing another initiative for filmmakers.”

Six Sigma Films a major Film Production House have conceptualized and organized first ever film finance conference & awards in India (COFFI). They have also successfully organized more than 10 short film festivals. Six Sigma Films is amongst Top 3 aggregators & distributors of Short films, videos, independent films online. If you want to get your short film or videos on Six Sigma Films YouTube Channel, showcased to senior film industry directors, producers and promoted on Social media network. Mail to – coffishorts@ 


Best Documentary Short
FILM – My Awesome Sonorous Life
Lorenzo is a 85 years old on set sound recordist who has been recording and archiving all sorts of sound all his life: every now and then he loves listening back to them, remembering in this way, past moments.  For years now, Lorenzo is looking for a sound, the very last sound that will complete his lifetime collection. 
My Awesome Sonorous Life

Best Animation Short
FILM – Canned 
COUNTRY- United States
 A street artist paints a beautiful mural of a woman on the wall, and is suddenly chased by police for having vandalized. The beautiful creation comes to life to save her creator in a chase scene through the favela’s of Rio de Janeiro.

Best Sci-Fi Short
FILM – Aurion 
COUNTRY-  Germany
An unknown man observes the prisoner transport of a young girl. His subsequent action trying to save her has unforeseen consequences for the guards, but also himself.

Best Mini Short
FILM – 1-0
The barber started cutting the boys hair while watching a football game on Tv..

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