Bollywood Awards Have Lost Their Credibility & Here Is Why

Bollywood Awards Have Lost Their Credibility & Here Is Why

Aamir Khan stopped attending award shows in the 90s and it has been his stern decision since that time. Many other industry folks like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn took this stand. The trend of nepotism and favoritism have creeped into award shows over a period. But the commercialization of the awards has made it stoop to another low altogether. Apart from the bias, these recognition platforms have become more like dance events making no sense out of awards anymore.
Aamir recently said, “Commercial film awards are of no value to me. For me, Dangal has already got its biggest award which the love of the audience. The feeling with which audience have loved it and accepted it is my biggest award. We made the film for the audience and that is our biggest award.” When asked if the way he perceives commercial awards will ever change, Aamir said, “I don’t think so it will ever change.”

Amaal Mallik also lashed out at these commercial award shows and their failure to acknowledge genuine talents in the industry. He has vented out his anger with statements like, “It is so funny & surprising that you go out of your way and give a star kid all the new comer awards for the best debut, for a performance no one even saw.” The trend of giving awards to star kids seems like an obligation that the awards cannot refrain from as if they are answerable to their star daddies and are in their debt. Curious cases of Harshvardhan Kapoor, Suraj Pancholi winning awards prove it.

While a recent award ceremony pleased the Bachchans, by giving an award for Aishwarya Rai for ‘Sarbjit’, it did not even mention Randeep Hooda, who played Sarbjit himself. Some just tried to draw TRP over Iulia Vantur’s first stage appearance with Shah Rukh Khan. Apparently, being close to Salman Khan needs to be addressed by award shows. What in ‘Kapoor & Sons’ was so unique that it had to get Best Story and music of ADHM receive all popular awards? Some very popular talents got a royal snub despite being loved by viewers.

Dangal, MSD, Airlift, Aligarh and many other such movies (commercial or non) that were widely watched and created massive impact were disregarded from the glitzy award shows. Good work, good music, good performances, are not criteria anymore to get the deserved recognition these days. Gone are the times, when people called movie making a team effort and all technicians were equally praised.
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Some new categories are created every year to specifically honor those stars who take out time to come to the event, which is shameful. People in the jury oblige their industry friends and their kids & even award their own films. It is all so commercial that no one has any faith in such platforms anymore. They must just be considered performance nights where you see faces you would rather not like to see on the screen. We are just so over with these awards. What about you?

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