Draco Malfoy Is More Than Just A Rival Of Harry Potter. Rowling Reveals The Truth!

Draco Malfoy Is More Than Just A Rival Of Harry Potter. Rowling Reveals The Truth!

Good News for Harry Potter Fans. JK Rowling is telling unknown parts of the Harry Potter series this season as a Christmas present. In her latest piece, Rowling reveals new information about Draco Malfoy with a clue –



For readers who enter the correct answer, a new scene depicting Dumbledore’s death is unlocked, allowing readers to access brand-new information about Draco Malfoy.

The rich goodlooking blonde guy, no, we aren’t talking about Brad Pitt but Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy has been a confusing character, brought up in dark world, has been rich and has a history of hatred towards Harry.

tiff with harrry


But something draws girls to him because of his anti- hero image. Rowling’s new writing has hints of partial reformation of him. Well we all know how incapable he was of cruelty despite a father so devious and dodgy. So his principles were always doubtful.

draco in half blood prince


But Tom Felton plays the role of Draco in the movies so well that you almost start sympathising with him. Rowling says to her fans that Tom Felton is one of the best persons she has ever met.

draco now


However, Rowling does note that in later life, “Draco did become less of a sniveling little shit, embracing a “more tolerant life view” and raising his son to be “much kinder … than he was in his own youth.”

draco scared


New story gives readers a glimpse into Draco’s upbringing and how it shaped his cold demeanor, as well as revealing more about his eventual marriage to fellow pureblood and Slytherin Astoria Greengrass. Astoria was apparently a disappointment to the Malfoys, as she did not share their hatred of Muggles and chose to raise their grandchild differently.

Find out at www.pottermore.com as Rowling still leaves a lot unsaid and yet to be revealed.

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