If Sholay Characters Were On Facebook It Could'nt Get Funnier Than This

If Sholay Characters Were On Facebook It Could’nt Get Funnier Than This

On the completion of 41 years of magnum opus Hindi film, Sholay, we went a little over board and tracked down items from the internet that show how some iconic characters would have handled their Facebook pages. Can you believe that? Back in 1975 upon the release, none associated with this iconic hit would have imagined it would impact lives of all cinema lovers. But let’s not get emotional,

Let’s have a good laugh over Sholay that made us dramatic and dread Gabbar. 

sholay fb1


This FB profile of Gabbar Singh just tones down his image of a feared dacoit. Would you like to be friends with him now?

sholay fb2


Helen updates her status, “Catch me at Gabbar’s den tonight. See you there.” And Veeru announces on her comments, “Gabbar main aa raha hoon.” And what follows is just laughable.

sholay fb5


Veeru goes out on lunch with Basanti and updates on FB to which Gabbar & Mausi Ji have epic reactions.

sholay fb4

When Jai is all set to kill Gabbar and claims on his status, “All set for tonight’s show. King George coin-check. Glycerine- check. A pair of white suits- check. Double barrel gun- check.”, Kaalia tells Jai to What’s app him once he has killed Gabbar and more hilarious comments follow.

sholay fb3

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