This Outstanding Indian Short Film Of Usha Nadkarni Will Touch Your Heart

This Outstanding Indian Short Film Of Usha Nadkarni Will Touch Your Heart

It is a heart touching story of an old aged maid who is unable to work properly because of her falling health. She may have to make way for a new house help even after 16 years of working for a family.

The logic behind the concept lies in the hard reality of not committing the sin of making old aged people work for money. But the pain is not justifiable as poor people who have meagre amounts to survive go far lengths to earn a livelihood. 

Also the ground fact of lower income arises in the middle class family where they have to think twice before appointing a house help or even continuing with the same considering the worth of their money. It’s time to think about some sort of retirement plan for house helps in India? 

Usha Nadkarni as the old house help has once again impressed with her outstanding performance. Mamta Verma plays the housewife
If this film doesn’t invoke thought, probably nothing will. This film from Six Sigma Films Channel is amongst the best Indian short films that is so relatable. Watch for yourself-

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