Watch: Here Are The Deleted Scenes From 'Suicide Squad' Movie

Watch: Here Are The Deleted Scenes From ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie

Were you disappointed with not much of Joker & Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad or the  movie missed out on the plot? It’s the maniacal love story that you missed, right?

Well, here is an extended cut that contains 11 extra minutes of eccentric and electric footage from the DC Comics antihero team flick. One complaint made about the movie was that it didn’t service each character enough and there was major mishandling of the characters since the plot was bulky. Most of the reinstated scenes have thrilled audiences with its focus on the roots of the crazy chemistry between Joker & Harley.
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The extended edition helps a tad when we see, early on when the team first crash lands in Midway City, Captain Boomerang “secretly” informing each member about his plan to kill Flag and their armed escort and make a break for it. Maybe Katana has a meatier role that got slashed.

Everyone gets some more screen time making their on-screen personalities come out a bit more brashly. This footage should have made it to the final cut. Check the video out-

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