Justin Bieber's Wackiest Of Demands To Perform In India Will Shock You

Justin Bieber’s Wackiest Of Demands To Perform In India Will Shock You

Grammy award winner and global pop sensation Justin Bieber is coming to India. Justin Bieber’s India tour rider is part of the fun of being an international pop star. Beliebers are gonna go crazy as ever in Mumbai and it will be riot that even Coldplay could not lead to. Bieber being Bieber is making the wackiest of requests. Not that there haven’t been unreasonable requests from popstars, this one has got the people wondering if they are wanting to Bieber for his music or snobbery.

Amongst Bieber’s demands are a convoy of 10 luxury sedans and two buses, a ping pong table and sofa set, a private Jacuzzi, three floors of redecorated hotel rooms, a private lift, a personal (specifically female) masseuse, aromatic oils and incense sticks for his daily Yoga rituals, beauty products, clothing, fresh flowers, an organic turkey and a private jet and helicopter on permanent stand-by.

Here is the excerpt of the demands made by Bieber’s team –


Rumor has it that either Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan will be hosting a party for him. The popstar will arrive in Mumbai on May 8 for his Jio Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour, organised by White Fox India. According to sources, Industrialist Mukesh Ambani is also on the list of possible hosts to the 23-year-old singer, who will perform on May 10. After all it is being sponsored by Jio.

The final host will be decided when Bieber lands in India. Salman’s bodyguard, Shera is being given charge to handle his Justin’s security. Protection just beefed up Bhai level. So now are you happy that you did not buy the expensive ticket to his concert?

Note- Sourced from a music journalist based in Mumbai, there is no confirmation as to whether Bieber’s rider is legit, or how said journalist got his hands on it.

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