Now It Becomes Difficult For Small Channels To Make Money On YouTube

Now It Becomes Difficult For Small Channels To Make Money On YouTube

Google, which has seen dozens of companies in Europe and the US withdraw ads fearing placement alongside extremist content, has introduced new tools to give firms greater control. The boycott of YouTube by advertisers began in February 2017 in Europe which later spread to the United States. The analysis found more than 200 anti-Semitic videos.

YouTube has announced a change to its partner program from . From now on, channels won’t be able to monetize their videos until they hit 10,000 lifetime views on their channel. According to YouTube, the 10,000-view benchmark allows the company time to determine whether a channel is violating community guidelines and advertiser policies.

Google will now be using new artificial intelligence systems to enforce YouTube video policies and help weed out content objectionable to advertisers. It would work with third parties to help advertisers protect their brands from unwanted placement. YouTube has been working to reduce bad behavior on its site by introducing a tool for users to report channels that impersonate other people or accounts.

Mr Anurag Khanna, CMD of Six Sigma Films has welcomed new steps taken by YouTube. “This will reduce the number of channels that steal content & also those who put objectionable content. It will also make bigger channels more accountable”. He added that “Six Sigma Films will continue to provide a professional platform for Indie filmmakers to promote & monetize their short films & documentaries on our YouTube Channel“. Six Sigma Films is ranked amongst the Top producer & distributor of Short films, Documentaries from India. Their YouTube Channel has 600 plus films & videos with nearly 50 million views”.


It is early to see how effective Google/YouTube’s new tools and changes will be in bringing back advertisers but new generation of creators will surely be impacted by these limitations. Revenues from YouTube will also see a decline for all YouTube channels in near future.

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