Short Filmmakers Can Now Make It Big In Film Industry & Here Is How

Short Filmmakers Can Now Make It Big In Film Industry & Here Is How

Traditionally, short film making is considered a stepping stone to making a feature. Most of the filmmakers embark on making short films to gain experience & use it as a show-reel to demonstrate their skills to the industry people. So it becomes critical to have a right platform and get noticed by filmmakers, producers & financiers who will want to invest in your dreams.  

There are many YouTube channels who promise increased views on your film & revenues. But in 90% cases, these earned revenues will not even cover your production cost. And these channels are managed by people unfortunately hold no grounds of experience & network in the film industry.  

Finally, there is a multifaceted Film Production House that is providing budding filmmakers a platform to showcase their talent to the top professionals of entertainment and film industry. Six Sigma Films have also launched “INDIA’S BIGGEST FILM FUNDING PLATFORM” which helps filmmakers to directly collaborate with investors & raise money for Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries, TV shows & more. They are also the top organizers of Film Conferences/Awards & Festivals.  

Six Sigma Films is the Top producer & distributor of short films, videos, independent films. They are the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Bollywood & TV Industry. They have 800 plus short films, documentaries & videos, more than 100 million views and counting. Number of budding directors & actors who have exhibited their short films on their channel are now moving up the ladder in the Industry as they have got noticed by the right people. According to INUTH (Indian Express Group), Six Sigma Films is known for creating path-breaking and diverse short films with independent filmmakers

Talented filmmakers who use their platform to showcase their short films & documentaries are given a priority to work with senior filmmakers in their various projects including the new initiative of producing original video content. They will also get special offers for film funding.

According to FilmmakersFans.Com: “Six Sigma Films is One of the largest short films distributors and aggregators of the country. You submit your short film to them, they pay you and if they like it, they will arrange for it to be broadcasted on any TV Channel that is willing to air it. They are not exclusive with NDTV, but their films have been aired on many other news channels. Their youtube channel is also a showcase of several short films”.

Six Sigma Films regularly receives mentions in leading publications for their work. A number of short Films & videos on their popular YouTube Channel have been covered by print media & popular websites worldwide. This has helped quite a few of short films & videos on their channel in getting widely known. 

Unlike others, this production house is filmmaker friendly and understands the business of films. Join hands with Six Sigma Films & make your short film or video reach senior film industry professionals, Get promoted to a large social media network & uploaded on their popular short films YouTube Channel. You will also be entitled to share of the revenues generated. Mail to – & your film will be up in no time!



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