5 Dirty Secrets About Mandana Karimi That Gizele Thakral Revealed In Bigg Boss

5 Dirty Secrets About Mandana Karimi That Gizele Thakral Revealed In Bigg Boss

It got very awkward for Mandana Karimi when Giselle Thakral started revealing her dirty secrets on the show. Although whatever she said did shock housemates but there seems some truth to it. Mandana confronted Gizele about it but it did not really affect Gizele. “12 Things You Need To Know About Gizele Thakral. Read here…”

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Here are 5 things that she disclosed about her that are quite a revelation about Mandana-

1.Gisele talked about Mandana’s marriage and divorce with Lalit Tehlan.
We have already disclosed about her marriage – “Read About Mandana Karimi’s Marriage…”

2. Gizele told the housemates about Mandana’s present relationship with Gaurav Gupta who is a known businessman in the B-town circuit. (The one on the extreme left is Gaurav)
mandana gaurav5

3. Gizele claimed that Mandana only dates rich guys and is money minded.


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4 thoughts on “5 Dirty Secrets About Mandana Karimi That Gizele Thakral Revealed In Bigg Boss

  1. Masc

    I think according to me a daily Big Boss observer….I have seen that all the contestants are almost in-secured with Mandanas’ presents in the house …they are not friends with her but only try to befriend her only to be there safe in the show…she is a very normal person and is being pounced upon by all the woman especially that Priya (argues for no reason)  which makes the Big Boss 9 very boring…please evict her from the show….she is almost like a school teacher which Mandana does not like to follow…Mandana is a cool person and so is Rishab they are good fun to watch …Mandana to hear the way she communicates in hindi and Rishab the unique style and attitude he shows…they are the entertainers of the show…the rest are dum…that Rochelle should shut her gob she sounds very cranky …I firmly believe that its because of jealousy that the whole house is against Manana and she is getting physicked and loosing her cool…please evict that Suyash ..he is a tail and chitku of old lady Kishwer and roudy Prince…so boring and dum this triangle is….people please understand Mandana…she is a game player with trouble….and this all what the show is about Double Trouble…..cheers Mandana just play and be stong…dont give up!

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