Bigg Boss 10: Here Is The Real Life Boyfriend Of Bani J

Bigg Boss 10: Here Is The Real Life Boyfriend Of Bani J

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Bigg Boss Season 10 is slowly gathering pace with all the drama happening. While so much is being said about the relationships of MonaLisa & Manu Punjabi that exist outside the house, no one inside the house has a hint about Bani J’s relationship. She has had her share of tiff with Gaurav Chopra and fights with housemates over trivial issues.

But particularly one episode showed her breaking down holding on to someone’s photograph beneath her hoodie trench coat. She even hugs his tshirt and wears it in the house, ain’t it cute?

bani yuvraj4
Her four months old relationship has surfaced. Now TV actor Yuvraj Thakur has publically acknowledged their relationship.
yuvraj thakur

Here is what the guy had to say after he posted a cryptic message on Bani’s birthday-
bani yuvraj5
“Yes, I am in a relationship with Bani. We are together since the past four months. I have not even watched a single episode of Bigg Boss Season 10. I just want to tell her that just be good and happy. I haven’t been watching the show. The only updates I get are through social media where people keep tagging me on the posts related to her. So I don’t want to say anything right now. She is there and I am here. The day she comes back we’ll resume again, we’ll think. I know it sounds a little twisted relationship, but that’s how I am.”
bani yuvraj3

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