Bigg Boss 10: Secret Is Out That Manu Punjabi Has A Fiancee

Bigg Boss 10: Secret Is Out That Manu Punjabi Has A Fiancee

Manu Punjabi, the Jaipur based businessman who is the aggression head of the commoners in the Bigg Boss house right now has secrets that he will probably never tell. He is totally unto impressing Mona Lisa, the Bhojpuri actress imported from Bengal. Now, it appears that Mona Lisa is already married. “Read Here”. Don’t know how it will turn out but we got to know of another chemistry class Manu has left before entering BB house. 

He is apparently engaged and involved with a woman since long. The woman named Priya Saini had even quoted to a daily before Manu joined the show, “He has this habit of getting into any fight or argument, even if it has got nothing to do with him. Also, he is obsessed with cleanliness. Ab yeh dekhna hai ki woh Bigg Boss house mein kaise survive karte hain.” Here are some pictures that Mr. Punjabi himself shared on social media with mushy headings weeks ago-
manu priya3

He has managed to conveniently hide the matter of fact from everyone inside the house till now. We have earlier revealed about his participation in other reality show. “Read Here” . But how long will his flirtatious ways last? Or his secret going to reveal to housemates and cause him trouble that he very well planned to avoid? 

manu priya2

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