Bigg Boss 11: One Of The Contestants Files FIR Against Salman Khan & It’s Shocking

Bigg Boss 11: One Of The Contestants Files FIR Against Salman Khan & It’s Shocking

Controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 11, is witnessing drama since its launch and not making sense at all. During the first Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan bashed a couple of men inside the house for being abusive, verbally and physically, which he has done in all seasons. This time it went a little out of hand . One of the contestants, Zubair Khan, left the house and filed an FIR against him. Apparently, he was hospitalized for over dosing on sleeping pills.

Upon his discharge, he lodged a police complaint in Lonavla police station against Salman for threatening him on national television. Salman argued with Zubair over the contestant’s foul language towards women. Zubair has also faked his identity as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law and it has been an issue of concern for the makers of the show. Zubair also claimed that “Bigg Boss” is “fully scripted” and slammed it as a “fake reality show”. He was eliminated from show as well because he secured the lowest number of votes.

Even Priyank Sharma was ousted from the house for physical violence but there are rumors he would return. Let’s see what all this season has in store! Guess, Salman just adds on to his troubles by hosting Bigg Boss every year.

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