Here Are The Top 3 Of Bigg Boss 10 As One Finalist Walked Out With The Money

Here Are The Top 3 Of Bigg Boss 10 As One Finalist Walked Out With The Money

Bigg Boss 10 has created quite a scene in the Indian reality shows zone already. It brought the commoners to take on the celebrities. Now is the finale day of this season and you will be surprised to know who the top three contestants are.

Just before announcing the top 3, Salman Khan brought in a twist of 10 lakhs. Someone could take the bag of money and quit the show. Can you guess who it was? Manu Punjabi! It has been a roller-coaster ride for the top 4 finalists but Manu Punjabi faced the tragedy of losing his mother while in the show.

After his departure, Salman Khan has welcomed the top 3 in the finale race that will now be based only on votes. Who are you rooting for?

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