Here Is Why Manveer Gurjar & Bani J Are The Top 2 Finalists In Bigg Boss Season 10

Here Is Why Manveer Gurjar & Bani J Are The Top 2 Finalists In Bigg Boss Season 10

IN THE FINAL ROUND LOPAMUDRA HAS BEEN EVICTED. AS WE HAVE PREDICTED 10 DAYS BACK TOP 2 CONTESTANTS ARE MANVEER GURJAR & BANI J. In Grand Finale the first eviction was Manu Punjabi who decided to take money and leave. “Read Here…”

Here are the reasons on why Manveer Gurjar & Bani J are the top contenders to win season 10 of Bigg Boss

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Manveer Gurjar started his journey on a note where people expected him to be a mindless short tempered Gurjar. He went through a makeover in the house and gained a lean look. But at every point he has only risen above expectations and been a bigger person. Whether it was doing anything for his friend Manu Punjabi, or even pacifying Om Swami at times when he was boycotted by the entire house.
While people would not be able to forget his breaking down over seeing his father, this Noida boy with a dairy farm has given more than enough reasons enough to viewers to vote for him. He has been genuine and never played according to any strategy. He has won hearts of housemates and audience by being calm in the toughest of scenarios. He comes out as the most genuine person in Bigg Boss 10 House. We bet many of you are voting for him!

Bani J has been one of the best known celebrity contestants this season. Despite her experiences on reality television, she did not looked half as good or enthusiastic in tasks. She fought with housemates, over food and friendships. She did find a confidante in Gaurav Chopraa but he had a short stint in the house. She has caused and seeked trouble especially with Lopa. She was termed selfish and misunderstood multiple times. But then again, the reason was clear, we were watching the real Bani J.
Bani is this hardcore chic from the outside but really sensitive from the inside who seemed like an introvert protecting herself from everything that could hurt her. She has a strong fan following & has shown her real self, the exact point of such a reality show. This all makes her a top favourite to win the season.

Lets see who grab the winner trophy?

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