The Secret Is Out - 9 Clauses Bigg Boss Contestants Agree Upon Before Entering The Show

The Secret Is Out – 9 Clauses Bigg Boss Contestants Agree Upon Before Entering The Show

“Bigg Boss 10: Here are reasons why Manveer Gurjar Or Bani J Should Win Bigg Boss Season 10”

The contestants of next Bigg Boss season as usual need to sign a 23-page-long contract before entering the Bigg Boss House. This contract tells everything from the behaviour, money, confidentiality, fines etc.

When all is known, why so much of drama in front of cameras ??

So here are 9 clauses that the contestants sign up for before sentencing themselves to the Bigg Boss House.

1. Signing Amount
Signing amount is somewhere close to Rs 8 lakh, which is payable within seven days of execution of the contract. And this signing amount is the minimum guarantee in case a housemate is evicted at the end of the very first week.

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2. Weekly Payouts
Apart from the signing amount, participants are also given a weekly consideration, if the contestant manages to stay in the house over a period exceeding two weeks. Weekly consideration is payable to a contestant only for the period of his/her stay inside. Last season, Tanishaa Mukerji was paid somewhere around Rs 8 lakh per week, which was amongst the highest.


3. Tenure of the Contract
A Bigg Boss contestant is required to be available exclusively to Viacom 18 (producers and broadcasters of the show) for the period of 117 days, of which approximately 100 days is for shooting inside the house and the rest 17 days for the preparation, promotion, marketing and promo shoots.

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4. No Interference with Editing and Final Cut of the Episodes
No contestant is allowed to interfere in the nature and manner of editing of the programme. If they want their private moments or some verbal/sexual harassement part not to be viewed, it just ain’t going to happen. This explains why we see what we should not see!

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5. Identity of the Contestants
A participant is not entitled to know the identity of the other contestants and this clause seems to have been breached a lot of times including in this season by Minissha Lamba and Arya Babbar

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