Secret Is Out - Here Is The Face Of The Real Bigg Boss

Secret Is Out – Here Is The Face Of The Real Bigg Boss

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Everyone wonders who is Bigg Boss and how does he look? Reportedly, Bigg Boss stays in a special secret room to monitor all the Bigg Boss contestants throughout the seasons.

Apart from his authoritative voice, he is spontaneous. On several occasions, he has to solve the explosive issues, ego problems and anger of the Bigg Boss contestants, which he does with remarkable confidence. His voice commands obedience. Who can forget when he says “Bigg Boss Chahate hai ki aap confession room mein aah jaaye”

The man behind Bigg Boss voice is Voice-Over Artist Atul Kapoor. He Started off in 2002 with some small jobs till his first big break came from Sony TV in 2003, when they retained him as the voice of all the promos for the serial “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin”. Other than voicing for various channels, he has done innumerable TVCs, Radio spots, AVs and Radio Shows.

Here are some pictures of the Real Bigg Boss, Atul Kapoor with Bigg Boss contestants & guests –
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