This Shocking Disclosure Reveals That Bigg Boss Season 10 May Be Rigged

This Shocking Disclosure Reveals That Bigg Boss Season 10 May Be Rigged

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Big Boss 10 is not just celebrities vs common man anymore, it is rigged! Yes, a recent disclosure brought out a shocking reality of the so called reality show, Bigg Boss. This season has witnessed low TRPs and standards. It has brought down the taste of reality television by misjudging likings of viewers. Keeping Om Swami, Priyanka Jagga have been their biggest low point making this season specifically the flavorless show.

A report has come to light about the voting list for eliminations. According to a website, a list of the votes for each nominated contestant for last week got leaked online. As per that list, Sahil Anand was not the one with the lowest vote count but was still ousted from the house. Maybe because he was not controversial and the makers want insane characters who at times are disgusting to remain in the house.

The leaked voting list shows that VJ Bani, Rohan Mehra, Lopamudra Raut claimed the top 3 slots respectively & Manveer Gujjar was at the 4th position. Priyanka Jagga received the least votes. Yes, and she was sent to a secret room which seems like the most unreasonable thing ever on the Bigg Boss show. Why does she end up being saved by the producers?
Bigg Boss Rigged
She is yet again going to enter the house to create havoc. During her stay in the secret room, she spoke to the cameras claiming that it were the Bigg Boss makers who asked her to behave inside the house. After this producers saved Om swami by giving him 2 weeks immunity. It certifies that the show might be scripted & rigged.

om swami priyanka jagga
Are the makers of Bigg Boss 10 rigging to save Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami from evictions?
Would you want to watch the show now on with such crass and crude content?

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