Upasana Singh Gets Back To The Kapil Sharma Show & Here Is Why

Upasana Singh Gets Back To The Kapil Sharma Show & Here Is Why

We know how Upasana had joined The Kapil Sharma Show few months back, after a tiff with Comedy Nights Live makers. But after a couple of episodes, Upasana vanished from TKSS too. Upasana had a weird take on why the makers are bringing her back, “They were not clear about how they wanted to take my track forward, that’s why I left the show at that time. I did not have any personal grudges with anybody. Now that they have introduced a new track for me, I am back. It’s not that they brought me back because somebody left.”

The actress will be seen as Kapil’s maternal aunt. Yeah, the aunt scenario again, where has the creativity gone! Finally, some good news for show that is going through a rough patch. With the exit of Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda, this has been a testing time for the level of comedy on the show.

Upasana Singh expressed her views on the infamous fight on the plane, “Fights happen in family. This time, it has gone out of the hand though. I would like to work with both of them together again.”

Seems like the producers of the show are trying hard before receiving the final blow from the channel!

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