You Need To Know How Much Money Bigg Boss Contestants Are Making

You Need To Know How Much Money Bigg Boss Contestants Are Making

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We all really wonder about what money the Bigg Boss contestants make while going through all the tensions and tortures. We all know very few contestants get any career benefit after the season.

It is a million dollar question why these so called celebrities are ready to suffer this public prison. We bring you an explanation to just that –

Apart from getting the signing amount and the chance to win the prize, the contestants also get a weekly fee. Except for prize money, signing amount & weekly fee depend on their popularity, controversies & the drama they agree to bring on the show. Now you know why Aijaz Khan & Upen Patel came back in Bigg Boss 8? Because they were game to create controversies.


Among the 14 that go inside the house, the ones with the most popularity get the maximum weekly fee. So the fee is directly proportional to how much of a highlight they are in the house. The lowest fee being Rs. 3 Lakhs and the highest being Rs. 5-8 lakhs clearly speaks about the discrimination and proves all housemates are just not equals in the house.

There are some contestants who are neither at the bottom or top but playing mediocre. They are earning better than the lowest bracket and their weekly fee circulates around Rs. 4 lakhs.

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Mind it, the weekly fee is an additional amount paid to every contestant (whatever has been pre-decided before entry) every week till the time he/she survives the game. For the winner, it’s a total of the weekly fee he/she earns in the entire season along with the cash prize which is Rs. 50 lakhs (allegedly reduced to Rs. 39,66,677). So the winner will not only receive the prize money but will take home more than 1 crore if he/she has survived till the end. The weekly payments itself will amount to nearly Rs 60-70 lakhs. 

Was Rimi Sen paid a whopping Rs 2 crores as signing amount to take part in the popular reality TV show ? Read on the next page ….

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