Ugly Truth About The Strugglers In Bollywood, It's Not Just The Casting Couch

Ugly Truth About The Strugglers In Bollywood, It’s Not Just The Casting Couch

The most publicized incidents from Bollywood are revelations about the existence of casting couch. But there is another side to the story of thousands of strugglers who work behind the camera.

It is well known that the freshers in jobs like ADs are paid a pittance. Some of the big production houses do not even pay salaries to freshers because they are supposed to be earning in experience.

Reportedly, Ismail Darbar withheld two month’s salary of his assistant director. His son thrashed the poor guy black and blue in return of a two month salary demand by his previous employee. It is just unacceptable beyond humanity. Prashimit Chaudhary, the assaulted victim who is a pass out of Whistling Woods International (WWI) promoted by Subhash Ghai, would have never expected that this would be the result of asking for his pending payment.

If this is what a renowned music director of the film fraternity does to someone who works for him, it is really a black day for all filmmakers out here. Filmmaking is a collaborative process where people from various grounds join the film to become part of the crew, not just the cast and such a treatment is shameful.

Subhash Ghai’s daughter, Meghna Ghai Puri has taken the issue seriously and has stood up against such people in the industry who do not pay dues to their employees.



This goon like behavior faced by a young AD shows another dark side of the industry. How will strugglers survive in the expensive dream city ‘Mumbai’ if they are not paid their salaries?

Now that one of the biggest production houses has stood up for such an issue, can we expect some improvement in the situation?

We invite you to share your experiences. It is time people take notice of these issues even if they are not as important as casting couch!

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