Here Are 7 Things Which You Can't Just Avoid On Diwali

Here Are 7 Things Which You Can’t Just Avoid On Diwali

As a festival, Diwali makes you feel brighter than usual because of the joy of lights it brings along. Diwali is here and the street sellers are constantly reminding us of decorating and lighting up our places. Yes, festivity is as much stress as it is fun, somethings are done out of peer pressure, somethings are inevitably sweet, somethings are just too irritating to handle but still it’s got to be done.

Although, you are perked up about decorating your house with all possible DIYAs and eating all sorts of food, you cannot escape the expected- which is several sweet and sour moments that contribute to your Diwail experience. Here are 7 such moments you cannot avoid on Diwali-

1. Getting up early and cleaning

Getting up

2. A mom who just won’t stop complaining


3. Shopping and more shopping


4. Random friends tracking you down

friends checking

5. Reunions with people you haven’t met in a long time


6. Firecracker stunts that bring back memories of a Tarantino film


7. And finally the aunties who always win in a game of cards

Pinky bua

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