8 Perfectly Easy Ways To Get Out Of Your Relationship

8 Perfectly Easy Ways To Get Out Of Your Relationship

Everyone has relationship issues but are you dealing with them or giving up and wanting an out. Want to do it appropriately? Or atleast in a way that you are not ghosted by the person you broke up with. You may be feeling trapped, or feeling that it is going nowhere, but it could be that you want an out of an equation that is the most loved to you right now as well.

Whatever the reason be, it is hard, but we don’t believe in taking like that seriously. Let’s think that you take your life as a romantic comedy or dramedy and play the ways out for you. Here are ways to get out of your relationship starting with the most stupid ones-

Start forgetting about your plans together.


Act clingy suddenly to make them uncomfortable.


Do something that scares you that will scare them too.


Become philosophical and manipulate the other side to think things.


That one thing they hate the most about you, highlight it.


Make them awkward in front of their friends.


Write a journal and leave it alone to be read by your partner.


Last resort, tell them you are ‘gay’!


And there you go, both sides will be relieved from the relationship stress and free themselves for the real not-so-delusional world.

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