The Secret Life Of Women When Men Are Not Watching

The Secret Life Of Women When Men Are Not Watching

“Vanity is becoming a nuisance, I can see why women give it up, eventually. But I’m not ready for that yet.”- Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye


Women are vain, and this is a thing that gets troublesome sometimes, women start living in their own head. Sometimes the cards brought on by vanity will be strictly limited to comedy—e.g., women will pack two week’s worth of clothing for an overnight trip and adjust hair in front of any shiny surface they happen past.


And that’s what we are doing here, because let’s not this as seriously as people portray. Women in today’s world are victim of a digital society. Their worlds obsess over their appearance because beauty and charm are considered women’s weapons since the yesteryears.


Well, not every woman thinks like that but every girl has her moments of vanity of whatsoever kind. Here are some images to how women perceive themselves when it comes to appearance-







( These pictures are sourced from instagram @womenfeeling)

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