22 Inspiring Images Of Women At Work In India

22 Inspiring Images Of Women At Work In India

Happy International Women’s Day!!! We honour the achievements of women in science, civil rights, journalism, sports, arts and technology but wait, that’s just not it. There are more women at their work fields who work so hard that we survive our days and aspire for more. Get inspired by women’s activism from generations past & present. Empowering women empowers humanity. To achieve the global goals & leave no one behind, the time is now to speak up for women’s rights. Before the UN adopted it in 1977, the day was mostly celebrated in socialist and Communist countries. The UN celebrates the day on the basis of different themes. This year, the theme is #PressforProgress. Resilient and powerful women from across borders, teach us that every individual can help to reshape society, and the world.

Indian women have gone out and done what men do for living. Indian women are breaking all boundaries. They are trying their best to support their families and raise children for a better society in future. Another recent example to this has been on the day of Holi when the all-women crew of naval vessel INSV Tarini entered the Cape Town in South Africa during its maiden voyage to circumnavigate the globe with an all-female crew, just ahead of International Women’s Day.

| Read Here About Indian Navy’s All Women Sailing Boat INSV Tarini |

Here are some pictures that are inspiring and teach us the value of women empowerment in India. They teach us that we need to not seek change but be the change we want-

Army Day parade




juice cart

women at field

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