30 Things You Learn Before Turning 30

30 Things You Learn Before Turning 30

You have to experience being alone to understand that it doesn’t mean loneliness.

You do not meet people by accident, you cross paths with some for a reason.

Make people you are close to aware of your true self, their time is as important as yours.

If you love someone, remember to leave them wild.

Do not marry early, especially with someone as young as you. It just means you are signing up for a lifetime with someone who is evolving as well. They might just become a different person to you within no time.

Stop trying to look for beauty in everything. If you are really trying to look for something, look for reality.

The best revenge is no revenge.

Don’t make people feel bad about feeling sad. Let them feel what they want to feel.

It is okay to let out your emotions, you do not want to be a bitter person in your 30s with bottled emotions.

Support people around you. We are our own competition, no one else is our competition and I hope we all make it.

If you win, celebrate. Whatever you celebrate, expands.

It you lose, guide. It is amazing to be a guiding light.

Damaged people are dangerous because they know best how to survive.

And survival of the fittest is not just what Darwin derived. It is true.

The most important thing- Become the person you really needed in your 20s..

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