The Biggest & One Of A Kind Flea Market Of India Is Here - The Online Flea

The Biggest & One Of A Kind Flea Market Of India Is Here – The Online Flea

Watch out for The Online Flea!!! Not only are regular flea markets wacky and wonderful, but are amazing to experience. What if you don’t have the time? This is not the usual run-of-the mill ecommerce, this is a whole new world of online flea market shopping in India. And it’s just as quirky and addictive as the real time gets.

The concept is similar to how flea markets in your city work (they also happen for a few days at a time), but instead of just showcasing to a limited crowd in one area of one city, sellers will be showcasing their products to people from all over India. Customers can sit at home in their pyjamas and enjoy the experience of shopping from new and quirky brands from across India.

Benefits For Flea Exhibitors:

Why restrict showcasing your products to a few thousand people in one area of one city, when you should be showcasing your products to lakhs of interested buyers from all across India without the hassles of travel, setup, transport etc.

Benefits For Online Sellers:

Why be lost among lakhs of sellers on marketplaces like amazon or Flipkart, when you can be part of a select vendor group which gives you more exposure and chance to build repeat customers

Benefits For The Online Flea Buyers:

The Online Flea is an amazing digital platform that curates and showcases the best of brands, products, and services from all over India to interested buyers. With a complete inventory, prices and user experience to help you find the best deals at the digital folding table. The things you will unearth here would range from clothes to accessories to home décor to artisanal and handcrafted products. Without any pain of window shopping out in the open, you are just clicks away from buying what you are waiting for.

It gives a chance for buyers to discover new brands from all over India and not miss out on unique products just because a flea is not happening near them.

The Online Flea is going to be live for customers 4 days at a time, a number of times throughout the year.

When Is It Happening: HURRY! It is live till 11 December 2018 🙂

Number Of Exhibitors: Limited Curated Number Of Sellers From All Over India

Find Out More About The Online Flea:

For Any More Details, Feel Free To Contact The Online Flea-

Whatsapp: +918879326368

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