5 Jackets That Every Man Must Have In His Wardrobe

5 Jackets That Every Man Must Have In His Wardrobe

Men always slay in jackets, whatever be the occasion, whatever be underneath the jacket! The 2017 trends are once again favoring the leather jackets to become the season’s staple. Non-leather and lighter jackets are for keeps too.

The jacket must blend in with your physique and give you that smooth incongruous fit that brings out your appeal. These eye catching desings with modern twists have been inspired from international trends.

We chased down the most stylish and affordable options for you to have a fabulously stylish winter! Here are a few of the best jackets available online that your wardrobe is currently missing. Here are the 5 jackets that will make everyone around you jealous-

1) That one classic leather item bomb- The bronzed leather jacket that makes you feel ultimate sexy. Zip it up straight for that slim fit sexy appearance or leave it open for the women’s stare. How can you not own it?

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2) This forest green jacket- It manages to flatter men with all kinds of builds. Could not get more stylish than this military feel biker look!



3) That navy with the hood- This will not just up the glam quotient of a simple hood jacket but shift the focus from the weighty issues you feel when piling up heavy outwear. Put those keys in the bike and you are good to go!



4) The leather touch Derby jacket- With leather sleeves, this has the best of a sporty uptight royal look for a super Derby, fancy outdoor and anywhere you want to feel classy.


5) That leather sleeve bomber- Well, let’s just say you want a perfect mix of plain and classy, a little leather on the sleeve and the buttoned up chiseled frame. This is it for that date where you do not want to overshadow your woman!


Remember, the key to buying a jacket is finding a type that already rides well with your personal style – don’t be somebody you’re not. Grab your style of jacket right here.

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