Leather Jackets Are Favorites Of Celebrities & A Must Have

Leather Jackets Are Favorites Of Celebrities & A Must Have

However simple a leather jacket may be, it looks straight out of the runway. Leather jackets are a time-tested big hit amongst celebrities, here and abroad. This ageless trend which is a season staple always overpowers all other appearances and looks. You might have noticed that whether it be personal appearances, commercials or movies, actors seem to have embraced the trend of wearing a leather jacket.

You see Hollywood heroes go all macho donning a leather jacket, be it Brad Pitt of Fight Club or Tom Cruise driving a bike in Topgun! From Shah Rukh’s everyday throw on to Ranbir Kapoor’s flight buddy, jackets are a somethings Bollywood celebrities hold on to.
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In today’s times, even the women have embraced the leather like a fancy. Guys, you do not need a survey to know women are more attracted to men wearing leather jackets or nor? Cause they love the rugged and rough, go get some!

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